Gary Johnson hopes to move past Aleppo gaffe

It's Gary Johnson's gaffe seen round the political world. MSNBC asked him what he would do as president about Aleppo.

"And what is Aleppo?" he answered.

The clip of that has gotten over 200,000 views on YouTube overnight. It shows the Libertarian presidential candidate unaware of the Syrian city at the heart of the refugee crisis.

The former Republican governor told fox 5 he understands the Syrian crisis and those comments were just an unfortunate "oops" moment.

The comments brought a potential blow to Johnson's already long-shot third party candidacy as he tries to convince voters that he is the best person to be the next commander in chief.

Johnson admits his chances really hinge on making the presidential debates. The rules say a candidate needs to hit at least 15 percent in national polls to make the cut. The latest poll used by the presidential debate commission shows Johnson trailing far behind Clinton and Trump at 7 percent.

He said if he doesn't make the cut at the first debate, he thinks he has a chance to make the second because his poll numbers are rising.