Gabby Petito family thanks law enforcement

Gabby Petito

The family of Gabby Petito has issued a statement thanking various law enforcement agencies for their work in the disappearance and murder case involving their daughter and Brian Laundrie.

It came as the FBI said that their investigation did not find any other individuals other than Brian Laundrie directly involved in her death.

The statement was issued through their lawyer, Richard B. Stafford.

The statement said:  "Gabby’s family would like to thank the Federal Bureau of Investigation, specifically the Wyoming, Denver, New York and Tampa offices, all of their task force members and their assisting agencies."


The statement went on to say: "Gabby’s family would like to thank the FBI’s Victim Services Department for all they have done for them. Victim Services has been there for support from the earliest stages of this investigation and helped their entire family navigate through the worst moments of their lives."

It concluded:  "We truly appreciate the FBI’s diligent and painstaking efforts in this extremely complicated case. The quality and quantity of the facts and information collected by the FBI leave no doubt the Brian Laundrie murdered Gabby."


Gabrielle Petito was on a cross-country trip with Brian Laundrie and disappeared in August. Laundrie returned home to his parents' Florida home and did not help investigators in the case.

Gabby's body was found in Wyoming.  Her death was ruled a homicide and her cause of death was strangulation.

Laundrie's body was found in Florida's Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Oct. 20, 2021.