Ga. Woman Honors Stillborn Son, Helps Others Grieving Similar Loss

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In honor of October being Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month we would like to introduce you to an incredible woman from Ball Ground, Georgia, who is making a difference in many people’s lives.

Brittany Richardson had what she calls the perfect pregnancy. The 29-year-old found out she was pregnant in June of 2014 and said everything went perfect in the months that followed.

They were perfect until January 7, 2015 when she was exactly 36 weeks and 3 days. She went in for her weekly exam and doctors told her the baby didn't have a heartbeat 

Richardson gave birth to a stillborn child, who she had already named Carter Scott Combs. When she had him there were blood clots in his umbilical cord and placenta, and after months of testing she found out she has a genetic blood clot disorder (MTHFR 3677T). There was no way of knowing she had this until she gave birth. However, she said, you can find out through a test called 23andme.

Richardson told FOX 5 she is the face of Stillbirth and she gave birth to an “angel.” Following her family’s devastating loss, she decided to do something incredible to remember Carter and help others going through the same type of loss.

Her cousin, Amber, also gave birth to two “angel babies” and together they created

“When a baby is born, it’s a Mother’s instinct to protect the baby,” said Richardson. “When her baby dies, it’s her instinct to protect its memory.”

Since the website’s creation, Richardson said she has heard from families all over, from California to Mississippi, revealing how much they appreciate the two women sharing their stories.

“Some mothers have said because of our stories, they feel as if they can finally talk about their own losses.”

Richardson said she decided to have “Memorial Infant Loss Pictures” taken in honor of Carter. They are displayed on her website. View them here

"These are our babies and it's our job to tell their stories," she said.

The Ball Ground woman, along with her family, wants to help Northside Hospital with events and families of infant loss. Last weekend, they attended the "Atlanta Walk to Remember" in Sandy Springs and next October, Richardson hopes to have a "Walk to Remember" in Ball Ground.

"There are never events located in the North Georgia area for families of Infant Loss," Richardson explained. "It's not fair we need to have more support in our area." 

Richardson also said will have a float in the "March of the Toys Parade" in Ball Ground this Christmas. 

Thursday, October 15, is "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day" and at 7:00 p.m., in all time zones, families around our nation will light candles in memory of the babies that have been lost. Richardson has created an event for this on Facebook

If you are dealing with an infant loss or would like to learn more about Richardson's mission, click here.

"We all have the same, yet different stories to tell. Our babies were born still, but were still born and made us 'Mothers and Fathers.' Our goal is to reach out to families and let them know that we are in this together!"