Fundraiser at Verrado HS shows support for recovering teen

Today's fundraiser at Verrado High School is about much more than raising money.

It's about showing support for one of the school's very own graduates, Andrew Ochoa.

"I think that any time of devastation that this family has gone through, needs the community to back them up," said Sasha Caporrimo, an event organizer. 

Last fall, Andrew suffered a brain hemorrhage, causing several strokes, and leaving 80% of the left side of his brain damaged. His family was told, Andrew wouldn't survive.

"To know that their community is backing them up. This is a horrible thing that's happened to Andrew, and he does have so many supporters. He has so many friends, they're all here, look at everything that's here, it's all in favor of Andrew," said Caporrimo.

But because of a constant network of community care and unwavering support from family and friends, not only did Andrew survive, he's now battling through rehab to learn how to speak and walk again. Something everyone here knows he can do.

"We all believe, we all believe God is going to bring him through this. We're all here to support him and back him up through prayer and belief, and we just want him to get better," said Caporrimo.

Ochoa had an academic scholarship to junior college and was working on playing football at the next level.