From mayor to defendant: Rudy Giuliani's legal battle unfolds

At one point in his career, Rudy Giuliani was one of the most respected men in the country.  

As mayor, he helped guide and comfort the city and the nation through the shock and heartbreak of 9-11.   

Now he stands accused of trying to help former President Trump overturn Georgia's 2020 election results.   


Fulton County grand jury indicts Trump, allies in 2020 Georgia election case

Indictments have been handed up in the Georgia election probe. The Fulton County DA handed the indictments into the clerk shortly before 9 p.m. Monday.

A grand jury in Georgia has indicted Giuliani on 13 criminal charges that include violating the state's RICO law.   

It is the same law Giuliani used back in the 1980s to take down the mafia in New York when he was the U.S. Attorney.  

"I'll withstand my record of having prosecuted and put in prison more members of the mafia than any U.S. Attorney in history," Giuliani said back in an interview in 2000. 

But now, the tables are turned.

Today, Giuliani says the real criminals are the people who brought this case against him, Trump, and 17 others. 

The former mayor is accused of making false statements, impersonating a public officer, forgery, and filing false documents in an effort to keep Trump in power.  

Attorney David Katz is a former federal prosecutor and is currently a criminal defense attorney in Beverly Hills, California.   

"I think that there's a strong case against Trump, and, I think, Giuliani," Katz said.   


Georgia DA explores RICO charges: Trump investigation widens beyond phone call

More than two years later, the indictment that could soon be brought by a grand jury could go far beyond that phone call, alleging a web of crimes committed by Trump and others.

Katz says Fulton County's district attorney chose the strategy of using the RICO law for a reason.   

"RICO is actually quite easy to prove. That's one of the scary things about it," Katz said.

Which, he says, means the case will drag on for quite some time.