From dolls to drama: Summer's hottest movies collide in 'Barbenheimer'

One of the summer’s most anticipated movies, Barbie, hits theaters this weekend.

As does, Christopher Nolan’s latest epic, Oppenheimer.

The films likely couldn’t be more different. 

One is a hot pink-filled comedy about the iconic doll and the other, a three-hour-long drama about a man who built the atomic bomb.


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But instead of competing at the box office though, the movies are sharing the spotlight and drawing double the crowd. It’s a phenomenon now known as, "Barbenheimer".

AMC theaters say they’ve already sold their members more than 40,000 tickets to see both, and on the same day.

"Honestly, something like this at the box office is actually really rare," Angelique Jackson, Senior Entertainment Reporter at Variety, tells FOX 5.

Jackson says there's a reason people are drawn to these films.

However, more than a decade ago there was a similar situation. The two summer hits that year were The Dark Knight and Mama Mia.


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