From Cronuts to bagel pizza and more: The delicious development of the food mash-up

Ten years ago, a new pastry was introduced to the world. It was called the Cronut, a mouthwatering hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut. 

The creator of this delicious invention was Chef Dominique Ansel, who will celebrate his creation's 10-year anniversary in May. 

"I am not tired of the Cronut," Ansel told FOX 5 NY in 2021. "I love the Cronut."

"If you were a foodie in New York or visiting New York, then you had to get it. You had to get a Cronut and you had to get a photo of it.," said Chandra Ram, the associate editorial director for Food & Wine magazine.

When the Cronut debuted in 2013, it immediately became a viral smash and led to many other food mash-ups, with chefs and home cooks experimenting with different ingredients to create new and exciting dishes.

Utopia Bagels, for example, has a signature dish called Bagel Pizza, which combines the best of both foods. 

There are also many other food mash-ups all over the internet, with Food & Wine keeping a list of some of the most popular ones, like Tachos, a mix of tater tots and nachos.

"The mash-up is something I think is here to stay," Ram said. "It's arguably it's been around for a while, but what we're seeing now is chefs and home cooks building on creativity and saying, okay, I've got these ingredients. How do I turn them into something else?" 

As Chef Dominique Ansel said, "Who wouldn't want to show off something scrumptious on social media?"