Fred Durst concert hoax rocks Piedmont

It's the hoax that's rocked Piedmont. Well over 1,000 people have RSVP'd on Facebook to a free concert this Thursday that might not exist. 

Fred Durst was supposedly set to perform at the Roses Discount Store. 

Fans in Morganton said this event scheduled for Thursday, May 19 is going to be BIG. There are even people from out of town who said they're showing up. 

But what are they showing up for? 

The store said the Facebook event is absolutely a hoax but their phone has been ringing all day. 

FOX 46 Charlotte met one-on-one with the man who started the Facebook event. He said it all started off as a joke, but then he was hoping by getting the event larger and larger - the rock star would show up.

The concert has become the 'talk of the town'.

"I have faith that he's going to keep rolling, rolling, rolling into Roses parking lot...whooo...Limp Bizkit fans," Bobby Canipe Jr. said.

Durst, who was born in Gastonia, has not said publicly if he's coming out. Police are aware of the event but have not told FOX 46 Charlotte if they're planning on increasing their presence.