Four women charged in child endangerment case

Four women were arrested after a 6-year-old-boy was found duct taped in an apartment complex on Dashwood Drive in southwest Houston.

Houston police say a maintenance worker went into one of the apartment units on Monday to fix an air conditioner and that's when he found a 6-year-old boy with duct tape over his eyes and binding his hands. The worker took a photo of the boy and told management who contacted police. When officers arrived, they said they also found a little girl with burns on her hands.

Emely Zuniga, Maria Ruiz, Laura Reyes and Estephania Garcia were arrested. Zuniga and Garcia were charged with endangering a child. Reyes and Ruiz were each charged with failing to report the incident.

Child Protective Services said two of the children in that apartment unit are now in foster care and two other children that lived there are now living with their father.