Former Disney employee accused of stealing from parks

The State Attorney’s Office released videos of what happened inside an interrogation room when detectives questioned a man accused of stealing items from Disney World.

Orange County deputies arrested former Disney employee Patrick Spikes in May. They said he was selling stolen Disney World items online, including wigs and other props.

In the video a detective asks Spikes about photos found on the internet of the items. They say in the video that the items are attached to his phone number.In another part of the video you see detectives showing Spikes evidence photos of the items and you also hear Spikes telling them he allegedly knows nothing about them.

“I just want to get this all out in the open, because obviously, you realize now I know more than you think I know,” a detective said. “I want to make sure your lies or straight right now or you want to come forward right now because I know a little bit more than I’m telling you, Patrick.

”In the video, Spikes says, “What do you know?” The detective responds, “I just told you. I’m not telling you.”

A little while later in the video, Spikes tells the detectives the next time they want to talk to him, they can do so with his attorney. Detectives tell him they are taking his phone as evidence. Spikes appears to grab his phone off the table they’re sitting at.

As he is doing this, the video appears to show detectives tackling him to the ground. They detain him and handcuff him.After several minutes, Spikes tells detectives he’s feeling sick and tells them he can’t breathe.

Detectives get him some water and eventually call first responders to check on him.Spikes’ case is still under investigation by the State Attorney’s Office.