Florida woman throws concrete rock at officer, police say

Body camera video captured a Florida woman throwing a concrete rock at an officer, officials said.

Cape Coral police said they received a 911 call from the suspect, Jessica Blick, but she didn’t provide much details on the nature of her call. Two officers responded to the Family Dollar at 340 Cape Coral Parkway East and found her walking on the sidewalk. They said she had a large piece of concrete in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

The first officer on scene asked her if she called 911, but didn’t respond to him, which is seen in the body camera footage. There were also a few times when the officer asked her to drop the rock. Blick continued to ignore the officer, and eventually saw the second officer approaching her from behind, police said.

She threatened to kill one officer, and drew back the concrete rock as though was going to throw it at the first responding officer. He ducked as the second officer moved closer. Blick started running away, police said. A taser was deployed twice but missed her.

She is seen throwing the concrete rock at the second responding officer, striking him on the shoulder, police said. Both officers ran toward her and forced her into nearby bushes. Authorities said the officers placed handcuffs on Blick, but then she rolled over and kicked an officer in the thigh and groin. 

The other officer deployed an O.C. spray. She was taken to the hospital and was arrested.

There is no word on the purpose of the original 911 call. Blick faces charges including aggravated assault and battery on an law enforcement officer.