Florida police chief writes himself a ticket

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Credit: David Bires, Facebook

A Florida police chief was called out on social media for blocking a sidewalk with his SUV.  The police chief responded by writing himself a ticket.

According to a post by Facebook user, David Bires, Groveland Police Department Police Chief Melvin Tennyson’s SUV was blocking a sidewalk outside City Hall.

After hearing about the complaint by a colleague, Tennyson said he decided to issue himself a $45.00 parking violation.

In a response to the post from Bires, the police department responded with a Facebook post: “ In response to a previous social media post about the Chief of Police parking on a sidewalk let it be known he was made aware of the violation and he issued himself a parking ticket. Chief Tennyson has since paid for the violation.”

Tennyson explained that he cannot hold anyone accountable if he doesn’t hold himself accountable.

“No matter what your opinion on the issue is, we stand by what has always been and always will be and that is the safety of the citizens and visitors of Groveland”