Florida mom’s post about how toddler's creepy doll scored them perks at Disney World goes viral

Many children might find Chloe the doll a bit – terrifying. But not Briar!

The adorable 3-year-old from Central Florida loves her ‘Creepy Chloe’ doll with glowing red eyes so much that she dresses her up like a princess and takes her on trips to Walt Disney World – which has scored the family some pretty cool perks. 

Her mom, Brittany Beard, says Briar fell in love with the baby doll with gray, cracked skin after seeing her at the Spirit Halloween store. 

"She said, ‘But I’m it’s mommy and it needs me!’" Brittany wrote in a now viral Facebook post. "Briar named the doll Chloe and I then immediately nicknamed her Creepy Chloe. I’m pretty sure Creepy Chloe is stealing my soul when I sleep."

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Credit: Brittany Beard

In the post, Brittany detailed their latest trip to Magic Kingdom and how her daughter's scary sidekick got everyone into the Halloween spirit! During breakfast at the Grand Floridian, the pastry chef surprised Briar and Chloe with a spooky cupcake and a mini handmade chocolate Haunted Mansion poster. The family then went over to Magic Kingdom where Briar was set up with a photoshoot and visited The Haunted Mansion – where Creepy Chloe obviously fit right in. 

"There was a 50 minute wait to get on the ride but when they saw Briar, they immediately whisked her away into the secret ‘Servants Quarters’ where we got to see the keys to all rooms and the bells that ring to call the servants up," Brittany said in the post. "Then they popped us right out into the stretching room. The cast members were waiting for us when the doors opened to present us with official Haunted Mansion Caretaker certificates and to walk us right on to the ride. It was so magical!"


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The photos of Briar and Chloe have gone viral, racking up thousands of shares and likes. The duo even have their own Instagram page, CreepyChloeandBriar, where you can follow their adventures!

Despite the doll's unsettling features, Brittany says Chloe is here to stay. 

"So all in all, I guess the moral of the story is when your 3 year old throws a fit over absolutely needing a super creepy Halloween doll… buy the doll. Creepy Chloe might be stealing my soul while I sleep, but we are making the best of our time left over here!"