Florida couple makes epic Pokémon Jack-o’-lantern that look just like ‘Gastly’

A Florida couple’s epic Pokémon-inspired Jack-o’-lantern, carved to look like the Pokemon “Gastly,” has captured the imaginations of Pokémon lovers everywhere this Halloween.

The video of the masterful Gastly pumpkin has been shared more than 4.5 million times since it was posted.

Gastly is meant to be made of poisonous gas and appears like a maniacal ghost and will eventually evolve into “Haunted,” making Gastly just about the spookiest Pokémon out there.

The viral Gastly pumpkin was created by RJ Preston and Amber Griffin, who went viral with another Pokémon-themed pumpkin in 2017.

Preston said that they have been dreaming of a second Pokémon-inspired Jack-o’-lantern ever since. In order to get the pumpkin to smoke like Gastly, Preston told Storyful they “made about 20 or so holes in the back of the pumpkin to vent the smoke,” and then placed a purple smoke bomb inside.