Florence Township Police create Christmas miracle for one little girl

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Call it a Christmas miracle in South Jersey. A family had a run in with a Grinch, but Florence Township Police stepped up to help.

“One of my favorite kind of books. Dork Diaries,” said 10-year old Shealynn Durkin. She was all smiles sowing off gifts beneath her Christmas tree. “I think my second favorite is these boots,” she beamed.  

It’s a Christmas that almost didn’t happen.

“She was crying. She was afraid I wouldn’t have a good Christmas,” said Shealynn talking about the overwhelming emotion that filled her grandmother Kathy after someone stole their car with Shealynn’s Christmas gifts in it.

“They shouldn’t have just took it because that’s wrong," said Shealynn.  

It happened Saturday at the Quick Stop in Florence Township.  Shealynn’s grandfather says he was picking up a take-out breakfast order and admits he left the car running to keep it warm.

“He was just gone like a bullet,” said William Durkin.  He says surveillance video showed in just a few seconds a kid got inside and took off.

“We were devastated,” said the grandparents.  That is until Florence Township Police after taking the report showed up at their door asking what was on Shealynn's Christmas list.  Then showed up Christmas Eve as seen in pictures posted on the department's Facebook page with Santa arriving on a fire truck stocked with gifts including Shealynn's favorite an iPad.

“I would really thank them because even when we got our car stolen they made sure I still was really happy," said Shealynn.  The Florence Township Police Chief posted a big thank you to his officers and the FOP who all pitched in to pull this off in two days with their own money.

“It’s just amazing how good people can be,” said Kathy.

Now the family is hoping police find their car.  It's a black 2008 Mercury Mariner with New Jersey license plate M79-HUV.