Flatbush Veterinary Clinic opens doors to feline friends

Calling all cat lovers in Brooklyn!

The purrfect haven for our four-legged friends is here, as the Flatbush Veterinary Clinic proudly opens its doors. 

"We are about 99% done with construction," said Will Zweigar, the Executive Director of Flatbush Cats.

The facility is opening as an extension of Flatbush Cats, a non-profit rescue group dedicated to placing stray cats in foster case.

Across the five boroughs, stay cats have become an increasing problem. So much so, that the Animal Care Centers of New York announced its shelters are at critical capacity when it comes to the cat population.

"We can’t rescue or adopt our way out of this problem," said Zweigart. 

According to Zweigart, the only workable solution is providing New Yorkers with affordable access to pet care, including spaying and neutering.

But hold onto your scratching posts, because the Flatbush Veterinary Clinic comes bearing great news for all cat guardians. The facility is committed to offering services that won't break the bank, giving your furry friend the royal treatment without sending your wallet into a tailspin.

If you want to donate visit: https://www.flatbushcats.org/