Flamingo: A women's brand from the makers of Harry's

Meet Flamingo, a body-care brand for women focused on high quality, effective products, starting with body hair removal. In other words, it's Harry's for the ladies. The razor brand that made a name for itself disrupting the nearly $3 billion men's shaving industry is going after the female market, with a full line of hair-removal products.

Flamingo general manager Allie Melnick says they're launching with razor solutions, shave cream, lotion for after shaving, and also wax kits.

Brittania Boey, SVP of R&D and Design for both Harry's and Flamingo, says they're the first ones in the U.S. to launch soft gel waxing technology, which means you don't need to rub the wax strips in your hands. The wax applies evenly and removes hair that's a lot shorter, so you have a choice when you want to wax.

Jeff Raider not only co-founded Harry's but also eyewear brand Warby Parker. He says they've been considering a line for women since Harry's launched 5 years ago. When they had the idea for Harry's, Jeff says, they actually thought of making a unisex line.

But when they started talking to women about shaving, hair removal, and more broadly, body care, they realized it was really different from the guys. So Harry's launched with men's razors first, but the case for a women's line just kept growing.

Jeff says more than a million women use Harry's products.

Flamingo, Like Harry's, is starting as a direct-to-consumer brand. All of the products are available at shopflamingo.com at prices a bit more appropriate than what you see in the drugstore.

Allie says while there's a real pink tax on women's razors but there isn't one at Flamingo. Their products are priced at parity with Harry's.

Razor handles cost $9. Wax kits cost $10. A full shave set is $16.

The five-blade razors are made in the Harry's-owned factory in Germany but are specially designed for women.

Brittania says they wanted a tool that fits well in a women's hand. It needed the right weight balance, texture and grip patterns so women can shave anywhere they choose.

Flamingo is the first brand to come out of Harry's Labs, where Jeff says they plan to develop other consumer packaged goods in areas where men's and women's needs aren't being served.