Five Guys manager photographed helping wheel chair-bound man eat, gave order for free

The All The Way burger is an impressive concoction of meat, sides, toppings and... kindness? 

That sounds cheesy - and not just Five Guys cheesy. But Detroit's latest feel-good-story encompasses all of the above, plus an endearing photo to go along with it.

In late June, the Greektown Five Guys was visited by a wheel chair-bound patron. The restaurant's general manager had seen him before. He'd made stops at the eatery previously. But on this particular occasion, Justin Hollon noticed the man just wasn't the same.

"This time when he came in, he was having trouble ordering, saying he was sick," said Hollon, the general manager of the chain.

When the customer continued struggling placing the order, Hollon took matters into his own hands and had his crew craft the famous All The Way burger. Along with that delicious patty, it comes with all the classic toppings. Throw in a side of fires and a drink, Hollon decided to make it free of charge.

"He was so unwell that he couldn't even process the order himself, so we just gave it to him," said Hollon.

But the troubles didn't stop there. Feeding himself proved to be another challenge. That's when Hollon let the counter and sat with the customer, helping feed him.

"Every guest is special to us," he said.

Another customer found the gesture endearing, and captured the moment on his camera. As the bit humanity spread, its message found special credence on the Fourth of July, especially for Hollon.

"Take care of each other, love each other," he said. "Our troops have fought for the freedom to be ourselves and to pay it forward and just respect each other. That's what I'm thankful for."