Fish out of barrels: bait spills on highway

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A truck carrying barrels of fish overturned on a highway in Newcastle, Maine, August 16, 2018. (Courtesy of Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency)

NEWCASTLE, Maine (AP) — Plenty of fish are in the sea — and almost as many on a Maine highway.

The Portland Press Herald reports a truck carrying 35 barrels of bait fish tipped over Thursday in Newcastle, spilling the pungent fish all over the road and backing up traffic.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said the 41-year-old truck driver told police he went into the breakdown lane to avoid hitting a vehicle stopped in traffic and lost control of the truck.

The truck driver was hospitalized for minor injuries.

Police said crews from multiple departments took more than three hours to clean up the fish.

Speed and driver inattention contributed to the crash, cops said.