Digital manager of your wardrobe

An all-female business in New York is using technology to help women organize their closets, saving them both time and money.

Consider an operating system for your clothes. Similar to the way iOS runs in the background taking care of your iPhone, Finery gathers everything in your closet, creating a digital wardrobe that you can work with on the go, making faster, smarter, and more streamlined decisions when you shop, pack, or get dressed.

Finery Founder and CEO Whitney Casey says women only wear 20 percent of their wardrobe, which means half a trillion dollars of clothes are just hanging in their closets unworn.

Enter Finery, which helps women itemize and maximize their closets for free.

Casey says the average woman has 150 items in her closet. Finery takes those items and automates them, using patent-pending technology to help you look at your wardrobe digitally. Just sign up with your email and let Finery do the rest.

Casey says Finery connects with 10,000 stores and brands to find the things you already own. Shoppers leave a digital trail, which Finery finds, along with emailed receipts, using them to create a digital closet.

Casey founded the brand with model and actress Brooklyn Decker, who serves as chief design officer. Digital entrepreneur Miroslava Duma is one of their backers. Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo and Man Repeller Leandra Medine are early adopters.

The all-female team of founders and funders helps women manage their clothes and their time.

Casey says women spend more than 2.5 years of their life planning what to wear, and 8 years shopping. Finery is trying to help women get a little bit of that back.

Once Finery builds out your wardrobe, you can use the site to get style ideas. Finery will find an Instagrammer, a blogger, or another site styling the pieces you already own.

Finery will also help you remember things you might want to return, updating you when you only have a few more days left to bring something back to the store.

It can also save things you might want to buy on a wish list and will notify you when they go one sale or are about to sell out -- unless you have too many of that type of item already. Casey says Finery will also alert you if you add something to your wish list that you already have in your closet several times over.

The technology behind Finery took a year and a half to build and has four patents pending, using the same security as Fortune 500 companies.

Casey promises that the company doesn't keep your password or read your emails. Finery just uses technology to find your receipts. launched on March 23, 2017. In its first week live, it exceeded the full year's goals.

Casey says nearly 2 million outfits are already loaded onto the site. She hopes that within a year Finery will also become a curated marketplace so you can buy and sell items for your closet.  Finery will earn a cut of that as well.