Finding the right summer suit

The summer suit can be understated, it can be expressive, and most importantly it can keep you comfortable through the sweltering summer months. 

GQ Editor Mark Anthony Green says choosing the right suit is simple: a light fabric with an open weave, such as linen. Yes, linen is prone to wrinkling, but Green says GQ editors are huge fans of embracing the wrinkles.

You have so many options when it comes to cut, color and fabric. GQ sent us to Barneys to find the perfect summer suit.

John Totolis, the VP of Men's Tailored Clothing and Furnishings at Barneys, says just keep in mind a few basic rules. Everyone thinks of linen and cotton, but consider wool because the natural fabric has wicking properties. He also suggests light tans and light grays for your summer suit.

As for dress shirts and ties, go crazy with patterns.

For the ultimate bang for your buck, choose a suit that will take you into the fall. Totolis says wool fresco makes for the perfect transition suit.

For those summer moments when it's time to loosen your tie, Totolis says add some pattern, color, and texture with a linen shirt.