Finding Faith: Love and relationships

Ah love. We seem obsessed with the search for it and the struggle to keep it.

Brooklyn pastor A.R. Bernard knows something about making relationships work. He founded the Christian Cultural Center in Greenpoint, growing a small bible study group a church with 33,000 members. Powerful politicians and celebrities turn to him for spiritual guidance.

Married 44 years, he has also spent decades counseling couples. In his new book "Four Things Women Want from a Man," Reverend Bernard gives faith-based advice on how to find and keep a loving relationship. He offers a four-word formula women should insist on and men should live up to for happiness: maturity, decisiveness, consistency and strength. He says another key to a loving long-term relationship is forgiveness.

What if you've lost faith in relationships and have just given up?

He says that bitterness can make you disillusioned and discouraged. The good news is that Pastor Bernard says you still have time to makes things right.