Film director Bobby Farrelly takes on heartwarming comedy, 'Champions'

Bobby Farrelly is known for directing comedy classics such as "Dumb & Dumber" and "There’s Something About Mary." Now, the filmmaker is taking on a new heartwarming comedy, "Champions" -- starring Woody Harrelson.

He plays a disgraced basketball coach helping to bring a team of basketball players living with intellectual disabilities to the Special Olympics finals.

Farrelly shared how he cast a team of basketball players – some actors and some not.

"We had to put together a team of 10 players with intellectual disabilities, but they needed to know how to play basketball too," Farrelly said. "So, we went to all of the rec leagues for people with intellectual disabilities, and we asked that group – do you know any players that might want to act? So we got inundated with audition tapes, and from that we got hundreds and hundreds of tapes. We found these 10 actors, and they’re all terrific."

"Champions" premieres in theaters Friday, March 10.