Fighting bears tumble down mountain in Spain

A dramatic and violent encounter between two bears in nature was captured on video over the weekend.

A male brown bear attacked a female bear who was with its cub on a mountainside in Castile and Leon region of Spain on Sunday.

A wildlife observer named Claudio Sordo Velasco who was hiking in Palencia captured video footage showing the male bear pounce on the female, who appears to be protecting the cub. As the two adult bears scuffle, the cub scampers down the rocky mountainside, the video shows.

The video shows the bruin brawl going on for more than two minutes before both bears fall over a rocky edge and tumble down the side of the mountain. Both bears appear to initially survive the fall, the video indicates.

The hiker alerted the authorities, who deployed a team the next day to look for the bears.

The wildlife workers located the body of the male bear and confirmed that it appeared to have died from its injuries. The government said a necropsy would be performed on the nearly 500-pound bear.

Over the next few days, the team confirmed that both the female bear and the cub survived and had taken refuge in a cave, according to a press release. Officials said they would try to get some fruit and water into the cave. 

This story was produced with Storyful from New York City.