Fentanyl warning goes out to Fort Greene Park visitors

During good times, Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn is known for its greenery - but these days the color green is raising red flags.

Little red containers made of plastic have been discovered in different parts of the park, including the central lawn and the playground areas. Fearing they may contain fentanyl, a warning has been sent out from Park officials telling visitors to be careful. Sending out pictures along with messages on social media and through emails.

We came across a woman Amy, who is a mother of two. She has seen the warnings, but she has actually found the containers herself and went on the playground.


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"You’ve seen them here in the playground?" we asked Amy," Yes… it’s crazy" she replied emphatically.

Locals fear, toilet containers, attract the attention of children as well as dogs.

While the canisters are in the process of being tested for the deadly drug fentanyl, park officials are not taking any chances here. Especially after what happened at the daycare in the Bronx last month when a one-year-old child was killed from fentanyl exposure, believed to have been sickened with trace amounts at the daycare as it was being used as cover for a drug operation. Fentanyl can be up to 50 times more potent than heroin.

In a statement to Fox 5, a NYC Parks Department spokesperson says: 

"We take the health of our patrons and our staff seriously, and we perform regular maintenance at all of our properties across the five boroughs. There has been no documented evidence that these containers include fentanyl, but we will continue to monitor the situation."