Feds: El Chapo had unauthorized contact with his wife

Security is a top priority at the federal trial in Brooklyn of the international drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. He wasn't even allowed to hug his wife when it started.

Prosecutors have asked Judge Brian Cogan to sanction Guzman's attorneys for facilitating unauthorized contact between Guzman and his wife, Emma Coronel. She has not been allowed to visit him in New York.

Heavily redacted court documents cite video surveillance that shows Guzman's wife with a cell phone in violation of courthouse rules. Because of El Chapo's wealth and power, there are concerns about witness and jury intimidation, as well as conveying orders to his alleged associates on the outside.

Now his attorneys must work on a response for the judge.

In addition to the notoriety from the many stories, shows, and media about El Chapo's jailbreaks, wealth and gold-plated gun, the heavy security can leave an impression on jurors as well, legal experts say.

For now, El Chapo's wife remains in her seat in the courtroom. The judge has given the defense until Friday to convince him they did nothing wrong.