Feds bust designer-drug op at luxury building in LIC

Residents of a luxury residential building in Queens woke up to men in hazmat suits and agents carrying boxes labeled "DEA Evidence" Tuesday morning. 

The DEA in New Jersey arrested Brian Parker, 34, and Victoria Koleski, 29, for the distribution of dangerous designer drugs like PCP, PHP, and opioids that are several times stronger than morphine. 

The two allegedly sold the drugs online and advertised them on social media sites like Reddit. All of the drugs were allegedly made inside Parker's apartment in 4545 Center Boulevard, a luxury high-rise in Long Island City.

According to the complaint, some materials came from as far as China and were shipped to Koleski's home in Farmingdale, New Jersey. She would give the materials to Parker in Long Island City, and they would mail it out to customers from New Jersey post offices, federal authorities said.

Police were tipped off after a fatal overdose in Madison, Wisconsin, last year. The DEA traced the deadly synthetic opioid back to Parker and Koleski's drug operation. 

The two faced a judge in at Newark Federal Court Tuesday afternoon. Their charges carry a maximum of 20 years in prison or a $1 million fine.