FDA wants to know how you enjoy Nutella

There are so many ways to enjoy Nutella. Eataly's Nutella bar in the Flatiron District offer the delightful spread in everything from coffee to crepes.

While Nutella is classified by the Food and Drug Administration as a dessert topping, which means a 2 tablespoon serving size, the company that makes it has petitioned the FDA to reclassify it in the same category as jam and honey, which would mean a serving size of 1 tablespoon and a less-shocking calories per serving on the nutrition facts.

The FDA will seek more information on Nutella and other flavored nut-butter spreads and how much people typically consume.

But no matter how you classify Nutella, one thing is for sure, this chocolatey hazelnut spread is delicious. Now if you'd like to get your fix, Eataly's Nutella bar is open seven days a week.