Fauci-ing is the new dating trend

There's a new dating trend that made the nation's top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci blush when he learned about it during an interview with Axios for HBO. "Fauci-ing" is when a couple breaks up because there's various levels of comfort with it comes to COVID-19 precautions or when an individual won't even consider going on a date with someone that is not taking the pandemic seriously enough.

"How seriously someone takes this pandemic is actually a good indicator of his or her values," says relationship expert and author Andrea Syrtash. "If you share those values--it's not a bad thing that we learn these things about potential dates.

The dating app plenty of plenty of fish included the term on its annual list of dating trends to watch out for in 2021. Singles should also be aware of 'masquerading,' or when someone pretends to take the pandemic or mask-wearing seriously in order to date a more cautious target. There's also 'apocalypsing' where you get too serious too soon because it seems like every relationship could be your last.

Syrtash believes taking it slow and using technology to go on virtual 'pre-dates' before meeting up in person can really be advantageous during this time.
"When you're able to get outside, walk around, actually research shows that people open up a lot more in that kind of context," says Syrtash. "So you could use it to your favor, you know, discover a part of the city. We're entering spring--take advantage of getting to know someone before you get physical."