Fashion and accessories with inspiring messages

Kerri Jo Kahn is 16 years sober, loves fashion, and founded 24 Ave—a clothing and accessory company dedicated to delivering the message of inspiration.

"The '24' stands for living your life one day at a time and the Avenue represents the journey," Kahn said.

Francine Aulicino and Gale Federman came along for the ride. The women met through their journey in recovery.

The company believes in giving back and one of the ways they're doing that is by working with Spectrum Designs, a print shop that employs young adults with autism.

"Having orders in January and doing sweatshirts for them and sweatpants in the colder months as well as the cool tank tops in the spring and the warmer months is absolutely helping us with cash flow and keeping these guys employed," Spectrum CEO Patrick Bardsley said. "With people with autism, routine is so important to them so if you suddenly say, 'Look, I don't need you because I don't have orders to print' that would be a very difficult thing for someone like them to accept."

Spectrum Designs outgrew the original facility and moved here two weeks ago. The company has more than 30 employees; 75 percent them are on the autism spectrum.

The workers have an important job since the women of 24 Ave expanded distribution to reach as many people as they can. 

The shirts start at $25 and each piece is made with love.