Fans mourn Prince at Fox Theatre, site of his last concert

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The sudden death of Prince came as a shock to thousands of fans who were fortunate enough to attend his final shows in Atlanta at the Fox Theater.

People started dropping off flowers at the Fox on Thursday after the news broke.

"I was his biggest fan. I loved him to death, I've been getting condolence calls, text messages, everything," said Tpring Turner.

She brought flowers to the Fox where she attended the 10 p.m. Prince concert last Thursday night.

Fox Theatre employees said each show sold out to a crowd of 4,500.

Prince impersonator Francis Kelly 'DaNu Prince' snapped a picture at his first and last Prince performance.

"This was a great opportunity, and I'm glad it was postponed because I believe it was meant for me to be there," said Kelly.

Prince postponed his concert a week earlier due to illness. He returned to the Fox to a duo of sold out shows, a more intimate setting, just Prince and a Piano, no back up band.

Larry Gillam wears a tattoo of the symbol Prince identified with during his various incarnations. He and other fans said Prince remained true to himself and his music.

"It's been kind of melancholy all day. Just kind of been sad listening to stuff, just kind of would have never thought this would have happened like this," said Gillam.

In a statement the Fox Theater said, "Beginning in 1982, Prince performed 12 shows at the Fox Theater including most recently April 14, his last public concerts. Prince was a pioneer, innovator and cultural icon. His music moved and inspired many, including the fans that were able to join him as he took the stage for his final performances last week at Atlanta's Fox Theater. We, along with the world, mourn the loss of a music legend."