Fans enthusiastic for Lionel Richie redemption following Saturday’s no show

Lionel Richie and Earth Wind and Fire are looking to make the wait worthwhile for fans who chose to come back to MSG Monday night after Saturdays let down.

Saturday, the instruments were in place, the lights were set and the crowd was ready to hear all of the hits.


Lionel Richie cancels sold-out concert 1 hour after showtime, angering NY fans

Lionel Richie was supposed to perform at Madison Square Garden with Earth, Wind & Fire on Aug. 12, but canceled the show due to weather conditions.

Almost an hour after fans were settled, the star tweeted "Due to severe weather and being unable to land in the NY and surrounding areas, I’m unable to make it to the show tonight" leaving the bar staff over at traks across the street from MSG to serve quite a few rounds to get over the weekend’s biggest upset."

While most were bummed about the no show, some lucked out admitting they weren’t there last weekend either.

"She bought the tickets and she sold them and her daughter bought her new tickets and here we are. So we didn’t have to worry, we’re coming to see him and we loved him," the fan shared. 

But fans predict whatever song he kicks the show-off with he’s got to break the ice off some cold shoulders.

"I think there’s going to be a lot of boos in the audience to start. I’m a little scared for him. Very worried for him, but I think at the ends of the day after a few songs, I think we’ll play with it and we’ll start singing along," predicted one fan. 

These decades old Lionel lovers though aren’t fair -weather fans. Their love for the star regardless of Saturday’s situation is endless, and they anticipate a show that’ll have the crowd rocking.