Famous one-eyed matador scalped by bull

A famous one-eyed Spanish matador -- who was previously gored at least twice -- suffered another horrific injury over the weekend when a bull mauled and scalped him in front of a stunned crowd.

Juan Jose Padilla, 45, was in the bullfighting ring in the Spanish city of Arevalo when the bull came charging toward him. Padilla, known to fans as “The Pirate,” fell during his escape, leading to the bull trampling and mauling him.

Several people rushed to help him. Padilla got up with a piece of his scalp dangling from the right side of his head.

The matador underwent emergency surgery and had the portion of the scalp successfully reattached.

“I’m very well, and want to assure everyone that my condition after the incident is good,” Padilla told the Spanish paper Aplausos after the procedure.