Family's special mailbox collects letters to Santa Claus

It's that time of year when halls are decked for the holidays with shiny ornaments and glittering bows. The Carpenter family adorns the front of their home in North Salt Lake with a bright red box labeled "Letters to Santa." It's not just for show; it serves a special purpose.

"You put a letter in and then it'll go to Santa and you can get one back," Calvin Carpenter said.

An envelope addressed to Santa Claus

Letters addressed to Santa Claus. (Fox 13 News Utah)

For the last three years, the Carpenters have helped deliver letters to Santa Claus in the North Pole. The mailbox started as a curious attraction to people passing by.

So far this year, Sarah Carpenter has helped deliver more than 30 letters to Santa, she said.

A letter written to Santa Claus from Alice

A letter to Santa Claus from Alice. (Fox 13 News Utah)

"This is one letter we got from a neighbor," Sarah said, holding a letter written in green magic marker. "And she has been really good."

Children aren't the only ones embracing the Christmas magic. Adults and the occasional family pet write letters, too.

A letter written to Santa Claus from Dixie

A letter to Santa from a dog named Dixie. (Fox 13 News Utah)

"This one is cute — it's actually from their dog, I think," Sarah said. "So it looks like they want their dog to have a letter from Santa, too." 

That letter reads, "Dear Santa, I really want new dog toys and a treat please! From Dixie."

A letter from Santa Claus

Everyone who drops off a letter to Santa gets from back from him. (Fox 13 News Utah)

Sarah's neighbors now have a stake in this merry tradition. They have chipped in time and money to make the mailbox weatherproof, allowing it to stick around for holidays and families to come.

"It's just fun — just keeps Christmas feeling like Christmas," Sarah said. "Yeah, It's just fun."

A red mailbox labeled North Pole, Santa Mail, Letters to Santa

The Carpenter family in North Salt Lake, Utah, set up this mailbox in front of their house to collect letters to Santa Claus. (Fox 13 News Utah)