Family Surprises Woman with Trip to Disney World

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Connecticut (WTXF) A family saved money for a very special surprise for a hardworking woman and her reaction is truly priceless.

Josh, 22, his brother Ben, 19, sister Emily, 18, cousin Ian, 15, and foreign exchange student Jack, in Connecticut, planned the emotional surprise.

For the last 18 years, mother, Beth Anderson, has been a single parent who has taken several jobs to provide for the family. It’s always been a dream of Beth's to go to Disney World, but she could never afford it. The family hasn’t been on vacation in 10 years, according to Josh.

So the family started saving for the past two years. They saved every penny from paychecks and babysitting to plan something Beth would never forget. Last week, for her 50th birthday, her family threw her a party, got her a cake and a dog, but that wasn't the surprise. Beth opened a box that had Mickey Mouse ears inside. Surprise! Her family got her a trip to Disney World!  She was left speechless.

Watch the surprise in the video above.

Photos and video courtesy: Josh Anderson