Family of coyotes living in Astoria

Not many families would want to live near the airport, but a coyote family lives in an area of Astoria, Queens, near LaGuardia and the bridge to Rikers Island. Experts believe the mom is the same coyote that was spotted last year in Long Island City. Residents nearby say they've seen them. Three adult coyotes -- a mom, dad, younger female -- and five pups haven been spotted.

"The borough of Queens has had several over the years, that one is well know in southern Queens, but others have appeared and disappeared, " Frank Vincente, Director of Wild Dog Foundation says.

They've been spotted looking for food and playing in the area. Vincente says it is not out of the ordinary to see this type of wild life in the metropolitan areas.

"Urban areas, the preverbal concrete jungle, is wildlife habitat.  They can adapt.  The coyote is the most supreme adapter to change," Vincente says.  "They've done it for thousands of years so this should come as a shock to anyone."

He believes the mom coyote spotted around Hazen Street may be the same coyote seen last year on the rooftop of a bar in Long Island City.

The family used to have eight pups but three of them died.

Coyotes have been spotted periodically in New York City since the 1990s. Experts estimated last year that the population was probably at least in the teensWildlife experts recommend if you see a coyote just shoo it away do not feed it and make sure you secure your trash and your pets.