Fake inspection decals found on cars in Suffolk County

Police say unless you have a trained eye you can barely tell the difference between a real New York State inspection sticker and the fake ones that are turning up on cars on Long Island. Bill Whittier, coordinator of Code Enforcement with the Village of Babylon, says people are paying approximately $200 for fake stickers where the normal sticker is $37 if your car passes a real inspection. It saves drivers with troubled cars more money because they don't have to make the repairs.

Sgt. Paul Schulhaus says there is an inconsistency of color and the serial numbers don't match up. Since August of 2014, 93 counterfeit inspections were found within the Village. About half of them at the Babylon Train Station but not necessarily registered to local residents.

Chief of Detectives William Madigan said the Suffolk County Police is hoping to track down the source of the counterfeit stickers.

If you're found with a fake inspection within the Village of Babylon you'll receive a $250 ticket comparable to the fine for a fraudulent instrument in New York State. On top of that you also get an uninspected vehicle ticket that will cost up to another $250. In Suffolk County, drivers charged can risk a felony.