FAA: Drone spotted near Newark Liberty

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FILE- Newark Liberty International Airport.

A drone was spotted on Sunday afternoon by the pilots of four commercial flights on their final approach to Newark-Liberty International Airport.

All four flights landed safely but fliers we spoke to worry that next time, we won't be so lucky

“It could be dangerous. You hear like a bird strike can be dangerous but a drone is actually metal” one passenger told.

And Kyle Bailey, an aviation analyst and pilot, says that the passenger is unfortunately correct.

“Depending on type of drone or size, it could potentially be the same as a bird strike” Bailey said.

The planes were at altitudes between 2,000 and 3,000 feet and 8 to 13 miles from Newark Airport when pilots saw the drone.

The FAA says drone reports by pilots have increased.

Last week alone, there were three reports in as many days of drones near JFK airport.

“We've been very lucky with no incidents but we are pressing our luck” Bailey said.

In the JFK incidents, the FAA says two airplanes attempting to land reported seeing a drone flying near them.

FAA rules do not permit people to fly unmanned objects above 400 feet because of the possibility of colliding with commercial aircrafts.

The FAA is investigating all of these incidents.

Flying a drone by an airport could result in criminal charges and fines up to $25,000 dollars.