Expert: Don't wear huge engagement ring to a job interview

The bigger the rock, the harder the fall. That's the advice of career counselor Bruce Hurwitz in his LinkedIn essay that has everyone talking: "When interviewing for a job, lose the ring!"

Hurwitz's argument is that women interviewing for a job should leave the engagement ring at home because it sends a bad message to the employer.

He recounted the story of one woman who came to him wondering why she wasn't getting any offers. Then he looked down at her hand and saw what he describes in the essay as the Hope diamond of engagement rings. He said the woman called him back to say she took off the ring and got a job.

Hurwitz argues a big ring is a red flag that a woman might command a higher salary, is high maintenance, or might be tough to work with in a professional setting.

Time Inc. chief human resource officer Greg Giangrande said that theory has as much value as a cubic zirconia. He said if there is more sexist or worse career advice on the Internet, he hasn't come across it.