Ex-husband sends former dog birthday greetings

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A Texas woman says the beloved dog she once shared with her ex-husband has helped bring the couple back together. 

Rebecca Hernandez, 25, told FOX 5 she started dating her ex, Frankie, in 2007. They were high school sweethearts, and got married at a young age in 2012. One year later, when Rebecca says she was having "baby fever," the couple got Apollo, a German shorthaired pointer mix, who was malnourished at the time. 

Rebecca said there was never a dull moment while having Apollo and Frankie around. 

"Apollo is a cheese-ball like Frankie, and I think that's why they love each other so much." 

Two years ago, the couple decided to call it quits and separated. Frankie, who at the time worked as a U.S. Marine, stayed in California. Rebecca and Apollo headed home to Texas. 

The breakup was not only tough on Rebecca and Frankie, but also on Apollo. 

"He [Apollo] had to get use to not seeing him [Frankie] everyday," Rebecca said. "Living in different places, it wasn't easy for them to see each other."

While they were separated, Frankie would always send Apollo birthday cards, as well as holiday greetings. Apollo recently turned 4-years-old, and on his birthday Rebecca shared several photos of the dog receiving this year's card. 

"My ex and I split up two years ago," Rebecca said. "He still sends our dog, Apollo, a birthday card and gift card to Petco on his birthday." 

The post has been retweeted more than 20,000 times, with hundreds of people saying they were touched by the kind gesture. Others said they hoped the act of kindness would bring the couple back together. 

"Do it for Apollo," one woman said. 

Even Petco reached out to Rebecca, amazed by the outpouring of support.

"We put together a gift package for Apollo and sent it off overnight, so it would get there as soon as possible," Petco's Megan Oxford told FOX 5. "It included a gift card to a very nice dog, friendly restaurant."

Oxford said her team saw this as a great opportunity to try and rekindle some romance. 

"Our team loves to respond to situations like this," Oxford said. 

The Petco gift basket also included dog toys and bow ties for Apollo to look extra snazzy on the dinner date. 

Rebecca said she and Frankie have since reconciled, and she credits Apollo with bringing them back back together. 

"For the past two years he and I both struggled with our shortcomings during our marriage and reality was a hard pill to swallow, but what everything has made me realize is that no one has ever had me like he had me," Rebecca told FOX 5 Tuesday morning. "We just had to realize that it's God first then us. God, patience, and never ending love. He gives that to me."

Rebecca said she thinks Apollo gave her the little push she needed to stop being scared to try again.

"The past two weeks have been a big testament to just how great God is in bringing us back together in this way and how easy it is for us to be ourselves with one another," she said. 

Rebecca said they are going to take things slowly, and she eventually plans on moving to Houston to be with Frankie again. In the meantime, she looks forward to using their date night gift card from Petco, possibly during Memorial Day weekend.