Eric, Ivanka Trump won't be voting for dad in NY primary

Two of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's children will not be voting for their father during the NY Primary next week.  New York City voter registration records show that neither Ivanka Trump nor her brother Eric Trump registered with the Republican Party in time to cast their ballots for their father under the state's arcane voting rules.

In an interview on Fox News Monday, Trump said Eric and Ivanka, "feel very, very guilty" not to have registered, saying that they were "unaware of the rules."

Trump didn't provide further details on their failure to register, saying, simple, "it's fine."

While all of Trump's children have appeared by his side on the campaign trail, Ivanka in particular has played a prominent role, introducing her father at rallies and serving as a key adviser. She also recorded a series of videos urging her father's supporters' to vote, including one that explained to Iowa voters how to find their caucus sites and how the process worked.

Trump's eldest son, Donald Jr. is a registered Republican, according to state records. Trump's youngest daughter, Tiffany, is registered as a Republican in Philadelphia, where she's a student at the University of Pennsylvania, according to Pennsylvania state department records.

The Trump children needed to register as Republicans by Oct. 9, 2015.  The New York primary is Tuesday, April 19, 2016.