Epstein bought 2 pairs of women's underwear in jail: Report

Two days after New York City’s Chief Medical Examiner determined that Jeffrey Epstein hung himself in his federal jail cell in Lower Manhattan, new details are coming out about the multimillionaire sex offender’s tie as a part-time state prisoner in Florida over a decade ago.

The Miami Herald reports that Epstein bought two pairs of small women’s underwear from the Palm Beach Count jail’s shop in 2008. During his 13-month sentence, Epstein was permitted to leave the prison for his private office six days a week, chauffeured by his bodyguard, a Russian MAA fighter interviewed by New York Magazine last week.

The different federal investigations are currently ongoing into Epstein’s suicide, with TMZ reporting that his legal team is “not ruling out the possibility someone strangled him and then put a sheet around his neck to make it look like death by hanging.”

However, writing in Slate, a Harvard-affiliated emergency physician said that the statistics and context surrounding Epstein's death still makes suicide a much more likely cause of death.