Enjoying Malaysian coffee in Manhattan

It's not your average cup of coffee. At Kopitiam, which means coffee shop in Malay, owner Kyo Pang handcrafts delicious Malaysian coffee made with beans roasted in Malaysia using a unique technique that reduces the coffee beans' acidic flavor.

The beans are roasted with fat. The result?  Two very distinct variations on the traditional cup of joe.

While the black coffee, which is blended with condensed and evaporated milk, is high in caffeine and robust in flavor, the white coffee, which does not require filtration and is mixed with condensed milk, is less caffeinated and tends to be appreciated by people who enjoy a latte. 

But regardless of which you choose, it's the hand pulling technique that blends the coffee's ingredients and brings the beverage to the perfect temperature.

Of course, the coffee wouldn't be complete without some perfectly prepared Malaysian snacks.

Now if you'd like a taste of Malaysia, Kopitiam is open every day but Monday at 51B Canal Street.