Engineer sues Metro-North over crash

A Metro-North train flew off the tracks in the Bronx on December 1, 2013. It was on its way from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Terminal. The engineer who says he now struggles with PTSD among other things is suing Metro-North for $10 million saying the company could have prevented the crash.

Engineer William Rockefeller fell asleep at the controls. He had undiagnosed sleep apnea. He filed the lawsuit in Manhattan federal court exactly three years to the day of the crash. The train barreled toward a curve at 82 mph -- almost triple the speed limit. The crash killed four passengers and injured at least 60 more.

Rockefeller claims that lives could have been saved if Metro-North had installed positive train control to put the brakes on the speeding train. Metro-North has promised to install the safety measures on all trains by the end of 2018.

Attorney Michael Lamonsoff represents nine victims of the deadly derailment. He said his clients think Rockefeller's lawsuit is outrageous.

Fox 5 reached out to Rockefeller's attorney for comment but he did not respond.

Metro-North said it does not comment on pending litigation.