Engine fails on Newark flight

Some United Airlines passengers are happy to be safe on the ground after an engine failed while they were landing in Houston last night.

Flight 1168 was carrying 174 passengers when it was going into George Bush Intercontinental Airport from Newark, New Jersey.  The plane came down safely but one passenger said the landing was anything but normal.

"I heard a really loud bang. And looked around the plane. It woke me up. Shortly after that, it started vibrating a lot. The vibration got worse. I saw a flash of light outside the window. I was sitting on the wing where the engine had an issue," says passenger Chris Morrison. "They brought the plane down slowly. As soon as the plane landed, the power went out. The plane kind of glided to a stop. The captain came on, told everyone to evacuate off the plane."

Another passenger says he saw flames coming from the engine, but a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman says emergency responders found no evidence of fire or smoke in the Boeing 737-900.

Passengers used emergency exits to get off the plane.  They were taken to the terminal by bus.

FAA spokeswoman Lynn Lunsford says crews were taking a closer look at the plane Monday.

United spokeswoman Rachael Rivas says some people suffered minor injuries while evacuating the plane.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.