Empire Crate: subscription box of New York foods

From Buffalo to Brooklyn, Schenectady to Staten Island -- if it is made in New York State, it could turn up in an Empire Crate. The new subscription service is the brainchild of married couple Brandon and Brianne Dingman.

Brianne says they moved downstate from upstate and missed certain foods and products from home. Then they moved back upstate and missed their favorite items from downstate. And with that, Empire Crate was born.

For $39.95, each month you receive a box of carefully curated products. Brandon says he and Brianne travel the state to discover small producers of local foods and try their creations. Then they take the best products and put them in the box.

When you open the box, you'll see a map with blue Xs that mark the region each item in your box came from. And an insert highlights the unique companies that that participate in Empire Crate. One of them is Martin's Pretzels, which often sells its products at the Union Square farmers market.