Emotional tribute from children of slain NYPD officer

During the funeral service for NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, her children remembered the single mother of three in a touching tribute.

Addressing city officials, NYPD officers, family, friends and neighbors, a tearful Genesis Vilella, 20, told the 4,000-seat World Changers Church in the Fordham section of the Bronx that her mother believed being an NYPD officer was her calling in life.

"She didn't know if she wanted to be all these other amazing jobs but she always said that being a police officer -- being a detective -- was her calling," Viella said.

Familia was posthumously promoted to detective first class on Tuesday. This is a common courtesy given to officers killed in the line of duty that both honors their sacrifice while also increasing the benefits paid out to the officer's family.

"She was brave enough to do that knowing that there's consequences, like danger, but she loved us," said Familia's son, Peter Vega, 12, who has a twin sister, Delilah. "She wanted to sacrifice for us, so she did it."

Familia was sitting in her command post vehicle after midnight on July 5 when Alexander Bonds fired a single shot through the window, fatally wounding her. Other officers then shot and killed Bonds as he tried to flee the scene.