Emergency plan to house NYC homeless in private buildings

It seems you can't even walk a city block anymore without seeing a homeless person. The number of those living on the streets is estimated to now be in the thousands. Even Park Avenue isn't immune to the seemingly growing homeless population. As of this month, approximately 17,000 people were living in city shelters. And so with few beds available, the mayor has authorized an emergency measure that will provide rental assistance to adults facing homelessness.

The rental subsidies will allow recipients to rent private apartments long term. Finding apartments within the program's $1,200 monthly cap will not be easy, but is doable, according to Lindsey Davis, of the Coalition for the Homeless.

The $10 million initiative is expected to provide rental aid to as many as one thousand adults. The city is currently recruiting landlords to participate in the program.

New Yorkers we spoke to say regardless of how you feel about the homeless moving into your community, something needed to be done.

The emergency measure will give rental assistance to those facing eviction, domestic violence survivors, as well recovering addicts discharged from treatment and so forth. The mayor is expected to detail his plan on Thursday.