'Elf on the Shelf' doll gets surgery at Orlando hospital after dog tears it apart

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Orlando Health reported that Jenn Thelen woke up to the sound of her 7-year-old daughter, Aubrie, screaming. The family's German Shepard, Zoey, had torn apart Sam the 'Elf on a Shelf' doll.

Jenn is also the nurse manager for the emergency department at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida. 

Orlando Health says that Jenn told her daughter not to worry because Arnold Palmer Hospital has the best medical team and that they had "special doctors" that could fix her elf's injuries. They could put him back together in no time. 

Jenn reportedly took Sam with her to work that morning and after careful planning, the medical team wheeled the elf into the trauma bay. The team used expired medical products to work on Sam and even used a special pair of Santa's magic gloves. Aubrie knew that the elf could not be touched, but Jenn told her that the "magic gloves" would allow the team to work on the elf.

Orlando Health says that one of their team members worked carefully on putting Sam back together and bandaged up all his injuries. She even sprinkled some Christmas magic (glitter) on him when she was done. The family, elf in hand, was able to go home that evening.

Sam is now back on his shelf and Jenn will make sure the dog stays away, says Orlando Health.