E-commerce may make your future commute even longer

The rise of E-commerce is going to make your commute even longer, according to the World Economic Forum, an international nonprofit. 

The nonprofit analyzed data from major cities and predicts that in 2030, 11 minutes will be added to your commute due to E-commerce deliveries like Amazon and others, with all of the delivery vehicles worldwide also raising pollution levels.

"The carbon emissions are likely to increase to six million tons by 2030, and we cannot afford that," said Richa Sahay of the World Economic Forum. 

Former New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Lucius Riccio says that E-commerce businesses need to limit the number of truck delivery companies they use and streamline deliveries. 

“We have too many of them going down the same streets when maybe one of them could make all of the deliveries on that street,” Riccio said. 

Another solution would be limiting E-commerce businesses to overnight deliveries to alleviate traffic congestion during the day. 

“Amazon deliveries to a lot of apartment buildings where there are 24-hour doormen or security people there that can accept it,” Riccio said.

He also says that parcel lockers, strategically placed around the city would force people to pick up their packages instead of having trucks delivering them to everyone’s home. 

Another recommendation from experts is encouraging more people to take public transportation, opening up more lanes for deliveries.


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